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 [11.04.2004]  Under construction. [Sticky]

This site is under heavy (metal) construction. Feel free to send your suggestions to webmaster.

 [10.04.2004]  New development phase (Alpha status).

Preparations are done, time for some "dirty" coding work :-) Or, to be more accurate we are currently heading to Stage 1 - "Support for local packages, using simple 'configure, make, make install' steps."

And you do know what that means? If the answer is no, read "The Masterplan". In short, we are doing our very best to deliver first usable release of AMaker.

 [06.04.2004]  AMaker project approved by SourceForge

After spending some time in my head this (may I say neat) idea finally broke out, and new project on SF was born. I will be happy if AMaker saves you some time, speeds up configuration of your software, AND doesn't break anything.

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